Fanny Packs Are Back!

If you were alive in the 90s, you remember fanny packs. The fanny pack was a functional accessory that you used when you needed to carry items, like sunscreen, money, and sunglasses with you, but wanted your hands free to do whatever you needed. They were great for music concerts, amusement parks, and hiking. Everyone had one in those days. We had a love of their function, but cute fanny packs were hard to come by.

The Fanny Pack is Back!

Yes, you read that correctly, fanny packs have made a comeback. The good news is that there have been major improvements in both their appearance and function to make them more attractive and improve usability. The new fanny pack has started to crop up in sport and fitness stores, department stores, places where you purchase luggage, and even a few handbag and accessory stores.

Updates In Style
The fanny pack often goes by the name of waist pack or belt bag these days, but the principle is the same. Fanny packs attach via a belt around your waist and are situated in either the front or back side of the hip. Some can be converted to be worn in a cross-body fashion.

Design Variations
Designs are more trendy now and vary depending on the function. Rugged versions of the fanny pack are available for those who want to go on a day hike in the wilderness and may brush up against rocks or trees. For concert goers or amusement park riders, cute fabric versions will stay close to the body and won’t add bulk to your frame. These fanny packs are practical, but trendy enough that you’ll love wearing them.

Athletic Use
Runners need to keep a few items on hand, but need to keep those items out of the way. Belts with pockets or pouches are great options for runners. These versatile belts provide a place to store your keys, cellphone, mp3 player or iPod, and can provide a place to hold your water bottle while you run.

Runners will find several uses for their packs, which can include reflective tape and reflective stitching to provide extra visibility for drivers and keep runners safe on, or near, roadways.

Choosing One Right For You
Your fanny pack should be something that you are comfortable wearing for several hours at a time. You should start by choosing packs that meet your functional requirements and go from there.

Once you choose a function, it’s easy to then narrow items down based on size, additional features, and your personal taste. Make sure you try on your pack before you buy it to ensure it is comfortable, functional for you, and fits well.

Own Your Summer Hair

Thankfully summer is just around the corner. As you pull out your refreshing summer wardrobe, pack away your bulky sweaters and notice how dry and lifeless the winter has left your hair do not despair! With these tips and a rejuvenating trip to your hair Salon you will be summer ready in no time.

First assess your hair salon. It is a well known fact that women have a bond with the hairdresser who gave them their first ever hair but. Some may even feel as if they are cheating on their long time hairdresser if they chose to go somewhere else, but remember you own your hair! The real truth is that your style has probably out grown your child hood hair dresser and now what you really need is a hair stylist.

Trying a new hair salon Toronto can have enormous benefits. There are more and more salons popping up that have values that you may relate to. What is more there are many hair stylists who would be willing to go mobile and come to you. Imagine turning your bathroom into your very own temporary salon. No matter what your style has evolved into; keeping things natural, edgy fashions, chic beautiful colors, there is a hair stylist waiting to give you the look you want that helps define who you are.

Once you have upgraded your hair salon consider the conversation you want to have with your hair stylist. Pictures are always a good idea, however a truly talented stylist will be able to bring your ‘good hair day dreams’ alive with or without a picture. Keep in mind that it is just about summertime, more natural looks are very popular right now. Be it a texturized lob with lots of movement, or a long layered look that will easily take on breezy summer days, make the most of your summer look by keeping your summer hair cut simple and beautiful.

Don’t settle on a new look without thinking about colors. Summer is a time when colors truly pop and can easily spice up a new hair style. This summer color trends range from rainbow bangs to soft black. Don’t be afraid to try something bold, especially if you are keeping the hair cut simple. Pink baylage highlights can pair with just about any natural hair color and add a new dimension to your new hair cut.

It’s summer, time to have fun and be flirty and embrace your hair. Get the hair you want today, and own your summer hair.


GUYS! Please help us ( the band too) score a set for the Amnesia Rockfest happening in Quebec next month! I was lucky enough to support Heart a few years ago on a massive stage every night with just an acoustic guitar. It was an amazing experience, but I really missed the rock show. Please go here , scroll down to find my picture and vote! You can vote everyday! We only need to make the top 10 to have a solid chance! We want to melt thousands of faces at once. Did I mention Joan Jett , Weezer,  Alice In Chains, Primus and Megadeath are going to be there? Oh man…..I promise we’ll cover The Beastie Boys again 😀 Thanks! in advance!

Love and Rock


Hey! I am over the moon to share with you that I have a new band and I now a keyboard player! I just updated some shows for the summer. I am feeling pretty excellent these days after letting the business of music get me down…..Oy Vey! All is good in the hood 🙂 I always tend to use FB/Twitter for updates. I am sorry for not being active on my website! Lots more news to come soon. This weekend I will be performing with Party Boots as a special guest at The Seahorse! I’ll be singing my own tunes as well as a few from Tina Turner, The Beatles, The Travelling Wilburys and The Everly Borthers!  Good thing I’m versatile!  Love and Rock!

P.S New Song! Calling Out Your Name


Today at Steel City I’ll be playing some songs solo and then Jordan Bruleigh, Daniel Baldwin and John Gill join me for some rock and roll music. Be there 6:30ish!


Nova Scotia Music Week is here!!! Sydney, Cape Breton….ahhh what can I say? The rock scene here is to blame for my undying belief in the ultimate rock and roll band. I feel blessed to be from here. I had a wicked summer beach bumming, writing and visited Nashville for the first time! I even got a wave from Jack White. The universe was on my side that day 🙂  I can’t wait to go back. Tomorrow you can catch me at the Gordie Sampson Songcamp show at 5pm in the Holiday Inn. Stay tuned for more music week magic!

Love and rock



My tears haven’t stopped for you, your family, your babies, your band of brothers and the heartbroken songsters who you have inspired for so many years. One of my favourite tours was an acoustic tour I did with Jay Smith and Mike Le Lievre. We called it the “Well, There You Go Right There Tour.. Part 2″  We shared a lot of dreams and bad jokes in that tiny car. Hearing you and your sweet sister Chelle sing together all these years was such a treat. I feel privileged to have witnessed your evolving talent over the years and have shared many sunsets of song with you and the gang  in that time. I must say I held a lot of hope for a Rock Ranger reunion.  We lost another Cape Breton Legend yesterday.  My heart breaks for everyone who knew and loved you. You were the real deal, Bud.

Long may you run.



Ahh Jeez,  I always forget about my website. I am all over Twitter and Facebook, but I seem to abandon my site… I will do better.

Soooo I have a new band, and they are amazing. Jordan Oakie and Alan Hoskins from the legendary Halifax punk rock band Myles Deck and the Fuzz. I have been a fan of MDATF for years, played numerous shows with them and I am more than thrilled to have them be a part of this wild ride. We have some new tunes, and Alan also plays a mean piano!! Rock organ all over the place.

I had an excellent time at Nova Scotia Music Week! We made some new friends from Germany and I am very excited to let you know that we are in the early planning stages of taking our rock and roll monster overseas again. I also played with the Jubilee Orchestra that weekend and it was oodles of fun. Singing swing tunes has become a true love of mine and there is now a sweet project in the works!

I wanted to extend a massive thank you to Symphony Nova Scotia, David Christensen, Jonathan Govias, and every single musician who was a part of the symphony show at the Rebecca Cohn. Also, much love to the audience and a major congratulations to Ben Caplan and Carleton Stone for a job well done. Never in a million years could I have ever dreamed up a more incredible opportunity. I am honoured to have been invited to perform with such talented people!

I promise I will keep you up to date here! Stay tuned for more news 😀

Love and Rock



The guitars are back.  Your support, love, and jokes has made the last few days bearable. All reward money is being returned. If you need your donation back ASAP, please email me. Sunday will be refund day 🙂 I can’t write much as I am practicing my Elivs song for a wedding  I am attending in a few hours! My first same sex wedding ceremony….Love is a beautiful thing.

Let it be known that you should always listen to your gutt instinct. That little voice in your head that says “Don’t do that, it’s not a good idea” is telling the truth. DO NOT deal with strangers regarding any type of criminal activity. Call the police. Do not leave valuables in the trunk of  your locked, alarmed car. DO NOT take anything seriously posted on messageboards. You probably shouldn’t tweet, email, or send hateful, threatening messages to people who have  been robbed and who are dealing with police. I mean….come on guys….use your brain.

Anyway, Thank you to all the media who contacted me. I never imagined this type of response. EVER. To every musician who called and emailed offering their guitars…Thank You! To everyone who was on my side, you were an army of awesome. Extra thanks to Gordie Johnson  ( Big Sugar ) for  sharing his story and sending me a “Chin up” email. To Becky walker, Marc-Antoine Robertson, Lindsay-Bea Davis, TJ Webb, Live 105, Global, CBC, Chronicle Herald, Q104, Music Nova Scotia, EVERYONE…Oh man , I don’t want to forget anyone. I’ll write more later!! Time to get my Elvis on.

Love, Rock, Justice, and Kindness.



Looks like I’ll be pleading my Rock and Roll case to the judges of She’s The One Emerging Female Artist Contest at this year’s Ottawa Blues Fest! Out of hundreds of entries from across the country, I was selected as one of 3 semi-finalists in the band category  to perform a 20 minute set in hopes of taking home the grand prize of $5000!  I’ll be travelling to Ottawa to  perform in the afternoon on Saturday, July 7th. Shane O’Handley will be joining me as well as drummer saviour extraordinaire Jordan Oakie ( Something Good, Myles Deck and the Fuzz). It sure would be sweet to win….a tour van is desperately needed as our van from the Cross Canada Tour last year has bit the dust. I have come to learn that touring in a Corolla loses it’s charm quite quickly 🙂 Regardless of the outcome, I am stoked to play the festival and share my music….Oh yeah,  Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden will be playing the festival that night. *excited face*  Well, there you go right there! Fun will be had.

Send me some sweet vibes! More info to come!…I love you.

Love and Rock