The guitars are back.  Your support, love, and jokes has made the last few days bearable. All reward money is being returned. If you need your donation back ASAP, please email me. Sunday will be refund day 🙂 I can’t write much as I am practicing my Elivs song for a wedding  I am attending in a few hours! My first same sex wedding ceremony….Love is a beautiful thing.

Let it be known that you should always listen to your gutt instinct. That little voice in your head that says “Don’t do that, it’s not a good idea” is telling the truth. DO NOT deal with strangers regarding any type of criminal activity. Call the police. Do not leave valuables in the trunk of  your locked, alarmed car. DO NOT take anything seriously posted on messageboards. You probably shouldn’t tweet, email, or send hateful, threatening messages to people who have  been robbed and who are dealing with police. I mean….come on guys….use your brain.

Anyway, Thank you to all the media who contacted me. I never imagined this type of response. EVER. To every musician who called and emailed offering their guitars…Thank You! To everyone who was on my side, you were an army of awesome. Extra thanks to Gordie Johnson  ( Big Sugar ) for  sharing his story and sending me a “Chin up” email. To Becky walker, Marc-Antoine Robertson, Lindsay-Bea Davis, TJ Webb, Live 105, Global, CBC, Chronicle Herald, Q104, Music Nova Scotia, EVERYONE…Oh man , I don’t want to forget anyone. I’ll write more later!! Time to get my Elvis on.

Love, Rock, Justice, and Kindness.