I did it again. I forgot about my presence here on the site! Sorry, my lovelies. I am all up in Twitter’s face as well as Facebook. 🙂

There are some sweet developments in the works right now. We will be performing on The Candy Show! I am not sure of all the details yet but we are pretty excited! My amazing Manager/Booking Agent, Tiffany Spencer, is working extremely hard ( as usual) putting all the pieces together so we can pay a visit to Europe this summer too. I am also anxious to get back to Ontario. I will be sure to keep you in the loop.  In the meantime, I will be joining my friend Ben Caplan at The Company House on January 31st. I will be opening the show with an acoustic set. Word on the street is that the tickets are almost gone!

I hope everyone is having a wicked New Year!

Love and Rock