Fanny Packs Are Back!

If you were alive in the 90s, you remember fanny packs. The fanny pack was a functional accessory that you used when you needed to carry items, like sunscreen, money, and sunglasses with you, but wanted your hands free to do whatever you needed. They were great for music concerts, amusement parks, and hiking. Everyone had one in those days. We had a love of their function, but cute fanny packs were hard to come by.
The Fanny Pack is Back!
Yes, you read that correctly, fanny packs have made a comeback. The good news is that there have been major improvements in both their appearance and function to make them more attractive and improve usability. The new fanny pack has started to crop up in sport and fitness stores, department stores, places where you purchase luggage, and even a few handbag and accessory stores.
Updates In Style
The fanny pack often goes by the name of waist pack or belt bag these days, but the principle is the same. Fanny packs attach via a belt around your waist and are situated in either the front or back side of the hip. Some can be converted to be worn in a cross-body fashion.
Design Variations
Designs are more trendy now and vary depending on the function. Rugged versions of the fanny pack are available for those who want to go on a day hike in the wilderness and may brush up against rocks or trees. For concert goers or amusement park riders, cute fabric versions will stay close to the body and won’t add bulk to your frame. These fanny packs are practical, but trendy enough that you’ll love wearing them.
Athletic Use
Runners need to keep a few items on hand, but need to keep those items out of the way. Belts with pockets or pouches are great options for runners. These versatile belts provide a place to store your keys, cellphone, mp3 player or iPod, and can provide a place to hold your water bottle while you run.
Runners will find several uses for their packs, which can include reflective tape and reflective stitching to provide extra visibility for drivers and keep runners safe on, or near, roadways.
Choosing One Right For You
Your fanny pack should be something that you are comfortable wearing for several hours at a time. You should start by choosing packs that meet your functional requirements and go from there.
Once you choose a function, it’s easy to then narrow items down based on size, additional features, and your personal taste. Make sure you try on your pack before you buy it to ensure it is comfortable, functional for you, and fits well.