Well, There You Go Right There....:)

Long time no....nothing!

2010 has already knocked my socks off. The "Well There You Go Right There Tour 2010" was a complete riot. Thanks to Mike Le Lievre and Tim Walker for the laughs and tunes. We met so many wonderful people on the road. I would like to thank Swayze, Narduzzi, Katie Happy, Battle Cat, Data, Nicole, Matt, Otis, Chasey, Chris and the lizards, the entire town of Hampton, Gary, Carol Anne, Jeff and the staff @ The Vintage Bistro. We will definitely be back and spread the word about such a lovely little gem in NB.

St. John's NFLD awaits the debut of my power trio! We are so excited! We will open the TFO show @ The Rock House this Saturdat...Playing with Tom Fun as well in Corner Brook!

In the middle of all this rockin and rollin my album is still in the works...but we are closer than ever. All in good time!

Love and Rock