Ahh Jeez,  I always forget about my website. I am all over Twitter and Facebook, but I seem to abandon my site… I will do better.

Soooo I have a new band, and they are amazing. Jordan Oakie and Alan Hoskins from the legendary Halifax punk rock band Myles Deck and the Fuzz. I have been a fan of MDATF for years, played numerous shows with them and I am more than thrilled to have them be a part of this wild ride. We have some new tunes, and Alan also plays a mean piano!! Rock organ all over the place.

I had an excellent time at Nova Scotia Music Week! We made some new friends from Germany and I am very excited to let you know that we are in the early planning stages of taking our rock and roll monster overseas again. I also played with the Jubilee Orchestra that weekend and it was oodles of fun. Singing swing tunes has become a true love of mine and there is now a sweet project in the works!

I wanted to extend a massive thank you to Symphony Nova Scotia, David Christensen, Jonathan Govias, and every single musician who was a part of the symphony show at the Rebecca Cohn. Also, much love to the audience and a major congratulations to Ben Caplan and Carleton Stone for a job well done. Never in a million years could I have ever dreamed up a more incredible opportunity. I am honoured to have been invited to perform with such talented people!

I promise I will keep you up to date here! Stay tuned for more news :D

Love and Rock