Psssst…Hey, what’s up?

I am living in a garage :) very close to the edge of the water. It was well overdue for me to chill out and be quiet. After a very hectic year I have had very little time to actually breathe in all of the awesomeness of the last 12 months. My brains are delightfully scattered all over the place from so many crazy adventures. I even quit coffee and tea for a week! Yikes. It was somethin’ else.  So, I am in the middle of nowhere with lots of songs to bring to life.

I have extended thanks on facebook and twitter to everyone who voted for Jason Levangie and me for the 1ox10 Video Program as part of the Atlantic Film Fest. Mo Kenney and Greg Jackson took the grand prize for their excellent video “Eden”. It was a wicked experience and as usual, Halifax proves once again it is loaded with talent and beautiful people. I’d like to extend a mountain of thank yous to all who voted for the Music Nova Scotia Award for Entertainer of the Year. I feel the love. I am pretty excited to head to Yarmouth again. We are a lucky bunch.

The Halifax Pop Explosion is upon us! The crew responsible for this extravaganza of music and art have really outdone themselves this year. I can’t believe F@*ked Up are playing. So looking forward to another sweaty love fest of rock :)

Catch up with us in PEI on October 14th!! We will be heading to Hunters Ale House to play with one of my favourite bands The Town Heroes!

Until then, I’ll be reeling over the finale of Breaking Bad this weekend ( :0) and enjoying the sights and sounds of mother nature. Oh, and releasing some new tunes from my weary but hopeful heart.

Love and Rock


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