The Thrill Of The Fight!


The last few days here in Cape Breton have been chaotic, amazing, stressful and full of determination. I’m so happy to be a stubborn Cape Bretoner :) On the eve of our first show on our Cross Canada Tour, my drummer injured  his hand.  The Van was packed and we were Moncton bound to play for a lovely group of people at Plan B Lounge. Our plans were quickly morphed into sheer panic and dispair when we learned that the hand in question was definitely broken.

“Whaaaaaaaat?”  17 years of performing, including 6 years of slaving away in every bar across this country, practically living in my car to make this debut album, and now this?? I cried. I sat in complete silence for a good 15 minutes then, we hit up every drummer we knew  to see if they were willing to brave blisters on their fingers and learn all of my songs in 2 days and THEN head out across Canada….INSANE….but, guess what? We found Steve “Wonder Boy” Wilton from New Waterford!!!  truly amazing.

I wanted to publicly thank everyone for their support and words of encouragement over the last few days. Once again, I was completely flabbergasted by all the people who were willing to drop everything just to make this happen for us. It was a very emotional experience for me. I was aware people liked the music and the vibe we have, but to know that we have the respect and support from so many people  ( mostly strangers!!)  moved me to tears many times in the last few days. I even teared up at Long and Mcquade when the salesman behind the counter told me how great the record sounded. :p

Many thanks to Shane O’Handley for being stubborn with me and putting in all the endless ours of rehearsals, Steve Wilton for saving our band and being so professional, talented and generous with his time, Trevor Turnbull for letting us live in his basement for our emergency jams over the last few days and Darren Gallop for  helping us really see “Where there is a will, there most definitely is a way”

My sincerest of apologies to Plan B Lounge and This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton. We’ll make up those shows to you someday. You have my word. See you in Ottawa May 31st @ Zaphod Beeblebrox!!

Love and Rock

(Eye of the Tiger…)



…Say You Want A Rock-olution….Well You Knoooowww…

What is up!?

Our adventure  in the UK  was an awesome experience. I love sharing these moments with other bands from home. David Myles, Ben Caplan, and the b’yes from Inflight Safety   were fantastic and represented Music Nova Scotia most excellently.

We were very fortunate to be invited back in February and it’s looking like Europe wants a little Cape Breton Rock and Roll invasion!  Thanks a ZILLION to Music Nova Scotia, The Great Escape Festival, Canadian Blast and The Liverpool Sound City Festival.

 We  made it home safe and we will be packing up our Minivan and camping gear ( yikes) and heading out to finally share my debut album with the rest of Canada. Tonight our Cross Canada tour starts in Moncton @ Plan B Bar and Lounge! Check out the rest of the dates on the website, and hopefully you can check out the band :) We will also be up for sleeping on your floor. There are only three of us, but we are quite fun and funny! Good times ahead.

Lastly, I am sure most of you have heard that Thomas Allen has decided to leave the band to focus on finding a full time career. I hunted him down first in Georges River, Cape Breton when I was looking for “The Goalie” of the band. Shane and I are soldiering on and we wish him all the best and thank him for his time and talent. If you are interested in becoming the “New Dude/Dudette” in the band, please see the link below.

The Show Must Go On!! – Carmen Townsend Band Auditioning New Drummer.

Love and Rock


Jolly “Right” Good England :)

Hello from Brighton, England!

I am so happy to be here! We have a few days to chill out before we play The Great Escape Festival. We are prepared to kick ass and take names at the Queen’s Hotel @ 2pm. Here are our other performances over the next few days. Please share them with your friends and family across “The Pond”

May 13th Queen’s Hotel Brighton, England The Great Escape
May 17th Relentless Garage Upstairs London, Great Britain Music Nova Scotia Presents Canada Blast
May 20th Heebie Jeebies Liverpool, Great Britain Music Nova Scotia Showcase
May 21st Mojo Liverpool, Great Britain Liverpool Sound City Festival

After our little tour in the UK we are heading out to tour across Canada! I hope to see some familiar faces from the HEART Tour. I am anxious for the rest of the country to experience my band and our rock show. The tour wraps up at the end of June and then it’s Festival Season! This summer is going to be amazing :)

Unfortunately, we had a little van trouble last weekend which caused us to miss some shows in New Brunswick. We hope to make up the shows on our way to Ontario. I will be sure to keep you posted.

Thanks again for all the support!

Love and Rock


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